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Virtual Events

For the 2020-2021 Ultimate Goal season, in consideration of the health and safety of the FTC community, FIRST has given the option to teams and regions to choose either "Traditional" or Virtual events. Our region has chosen the latter, so our season and how we compete look a little different.

Instead of having just a few hours to compete on one day, Virtual events will be held over a week. Teams will be able to run their robot as many times as they want, and will use their top scores based on the type of event that is going on. For judging, teams will have to coordinate a time to hold a video conference with the judges. All team members will be on one screen, as would be the case with a "Traditional" event, but the judges will all be in different locations. 

Season Schedule

League Meet #1:​ 

This was our first meet of the year, due to our robot setbacks. This meet was solely for robot scoring, and had no judging involved. We felt that for a first meet, we did pretty well.

League Meet #2:

Just like the previous meet, this was a robot-only meet. Although, we did not end up scoring, because of rule violations.

League Meet #3:

This was our third and last league meet. We scored very well, and knew that we were well prepared for our Nevada League Championships.

League Championships- Nevada Iowa:

This event was "hosted" in Nevada, Iowa, but was actually virtual. We had a pretty strong robot game and advanced because of this. As well as that, this was the first meet with judging and the team "pits." The judging for us was good but only scored us Runner-Up for one award. The pits were a good experience to socialize with other teams and learn about their seasons.

Super Qualifiers- Norwalk Iowa:

Super Qualifiers was another virtual event, and we were glad to compete. Our robot matches were not what we were expecting as our scores were not very consistent. Although, we did score a season-high of 300 points (and a low of 198). Our judging went well for both sessions (in the morning and in the pits). And, the pits were very informative and we again socialized with other people. 

Iowa State Competition (Iowa City):

Due to the cancelation of the World Championships in Detroit and Houston, this competition is the final one of the year. Our robot game was more consistent and overall better. As well as that, our judging went very well, with the judges asking lots of questions and seeming very interested in our team. It is unfortunate that this is our final competition of the year, but we are excited to compete (hopefully in person) next season!

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