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FTC is the third "rank" of the FIRST programs. In FTC, participants have to deal with the game's challenges both in real-time and through pre-programmed robot instructions. FTC also heavily endorses spreading Gracious Professionalism and FIRST throughout the community.

FIRST Tech Challenge participants can start their journey as early as 7th grade and continue through high school. This opens up a lot of mentorship opportunities for older and newer teams alike, as new robot and outreach strategies are developed.


Every year, FIRST creates a new game for all of its programs which, in the past few years, has been based around a central theme. This year's FTC game is called Ultimate Goal, part of the FIRST Game Changers season. This year's game is really unique, and as a team, we are so excited to participate! If you unaware of how a match is played, please refer to the video or list below.

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